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Coach Counselor Therapist

Certified Institute

At NSG we believe that every individual has the right to live in peace and security. We are deeply concerned about the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has resulted in the loss of countless lives and has caused immense suffering.


As a school of psychotherapy, we stand with the people of Ukraine in their pursuit of peace and justice.


We invite our students, faculty, and all members of our community to join us in advocating for peace and supporting those who have been affected by the conflict.

Our Study Program 

A good score reader is not a good musician. Knowing the rules of the game does not make you a good player. Our training focuses on "mastering" the theory and "physically appropriating" the methodology. Metaphorically speaking, we are an Academy for the Fine Arts of Experiencing and Connecting. Like a conservatoire, we want to preserve something essentially human and pass it on to the next generation.


One of the four institutes in the Netherlands that are accredited by the European Association of Psychotherapy EAPTI

EAPTI - EAP  Accredited Training Institutes

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Would you like to become a member of the NVAGT or know more about being a Gestalt Therapist in The Netherlands? Find more information here


The NSG has been offering Gestalt training since 1972. A three-year program in Gestalt methodology and personal discovery, to Coach/Counselor as well as an additional one-year program in Gestalt Therapy leading to an accredited EAP Therapist Diploma. Since 2009, the NSG offers through NVAGT and EAGT the opportunity to obtain accreditation for therapists. For example, you can be reimbursed by Dutch and International Insurance if you decide to start your own successful practice. For more information on admission requirements and curriculum, please contact us.

With our training, we meet the requirements that health insurers in the Netherlands set for therapists who want to be reimbursed by complementary insurance. The guideline is to have higher professional education (HBO/ BA) degree in humanities and a four-year post-HBO professional training in a therapy modality, such as the one we provide at the NSG Academy.

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Open House

Curious about what we stand for? Take a look here for events and open days.​

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Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt Updates

An International Study group is official!

What does this mean for our students?

Our inspiring teachers

Our trainers are all accredited and experienced Gestalt Therapists working in various health sectors.

Find out who they are.

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Are you interested in joining the NSG Academy team as a trainer?

Ik heb met zeer veel plezier de studie tot Gestalttherapeut mogen afronden bij de NSG.
Ik vind het een mooie opleiding die mij zowel als mens en als professional heeft laten groeien.

Marije Delfsma

Wat de studenten over ons zeggen

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