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Study fees

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Trainings are held once a month during a Saturday and a Sunday. The start in September, and end in June. It is a total of 10 weekends. The Trainings of September, January and June, are residential, and are held in conference center.


-The group size is minimum 10, maximum 20 participants 


Not included are:


- books.

- learning therapy.

-Travel expenses to and from the weekends

-Lunch during the weekends in non residential weekends

During the residential weekends, stay and meals are included in the tuition fee.

Upon registration, a registration fee of € 300 is charged, which will be deducted from the total tuition fee.

Image by Linh Le

*Important Notice, regarding adjustment of fee, for all groups starting in September 2024*

The NSG is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality Gestalt psychotherapy training. We strive to ensure that our fees remain affordable while maintaining the standard of education and resources necessary for your learning experience.


Despite rising costs and inflation, we have kept our fees unchanged since 2014. However, we recently learned that the accommodation center and the venue we rent for trainings have raised their prices, prompting us to adjust our fees. We apologize for the delayed notice.


We want to be transparent about this change and assure you that it will only be a 10% increase. Even after this adjustment, the fee at NSG remains significantly lower than that of the only other EAP accredited institute in the Netherlands, with a difference of approximately €2000. Operating as a non-profit organization, means that all the income we generate goes directly towards essential expenses, namely:  


Venue rentals (Amsterdam)

Meals & accommodation during all esidential weekends

Administration/ coordination costs



Accountant fees

Trainers fees

Supervisor fees

Supervision/ quality assurance (by the Italian Institute

External assessor fees

Certification chamber fees

Website/ Marketing/ Open Day Venue costs


It is important to note that a significant portion of our work is carried out on a pro bono basis, reflecting our commitment to providing you with the best learning experience possible.


The reasons for the tuition fee adjustment are as follows: 


1. Increase in Conference Center Fee: We have experienced a substantial 30% increase in the fee charged by the conference center. 


2. Higher Costs at the Amsterdam Venue: The fees for utilizing the Amsterdam venue, where a significant portion of our training activities occur, have also increased this year. 


3. International Cohort and Trainers: We have made efforts to create an international cohort at the NSG, which has involved inviting trainers from various parts of the world too provide diversity and inclusion. Accommodating these international trainers comes with additional expenses, such as partial travel and accommodation costs. 


Considering all these factors, we have decided to raise the tuition fee for the next academic year. The new fee will be as follows:


We want to assure you that the decision to raise the tuition fee came after careful consideration and extensive discussions with our dedicated Board members, who share our commitment to providing you with a grounded learning experience while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the NSG.


Lastly, we understand the importance of financial stability and predictability in planning your educational journey. While we would like this adjustment to be the last for the foreseeable future, it is important to acknowledge that we cannot control market conditions and inflationary pressures. Nevertheless, we are fully committed to keeping you informed and maintaining transparency throughout any future fee adjustments. 

Although we understand that any increase in fees can pose challenges, we firmly believe that the quality of education and the value you receive from being part of the NSG community far outweighs this adjustment. We are confident that the knowledge and skills you acquire during your time with us will have a lasting positive impact on your personal and professional development.


We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time of change. Your dedication and enthusiasm contribute to the vibrant learning environment we foster at the NSG, and we are committed to ensuring your continued growth and success. 


Thank you for being an integral part of the NSG community. We value your trust and remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering an enriching and transformative educational experience.


On behalf of the Board of the NSG,

Ralph Evers

Persephone Protouli

Rinske Englander

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