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Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt 

Image by Brett Jordan

Please note that applications are closed for the 2022 group. You can now apply for the waiting list of the group starting in September 2023


Thank for your interest in the NSG Academy. We will get back to you shortly.

Upon registration, a registration fee of € 300 is charged, which will be deducted from the total tuition fee.

Candidate students must at least have a higher professional education (HBO/ BA) diploma in human sciences, MWD, SPH, CMV, creative therapy or psychology, or an equivalent qualification. 


If the prior education does not meet these requirements, a student may be admitted on the basis of further work experience and education, but will not be eligible for NVAGT/EAGT accreditation after completion of the programme. By means of EVC-trajectories (Elders Verkregen Competentie) this gap in the education can always be filled. The costs and time involved depend on the portfolio of the student in question.


Participants are employed in: (Public) Mental Health Care, Youth and Family Centres, Youth Work, Social Work, Family Coaching, Elderly Work, Care & Welfare Sector, Personal and Professional Coaching and the like, possibly as volunteers. A Curriculum Vitae is requested in which their education and work experiences can be found.


Each student is invited for an individual intake interview with a lecturer from the study programme, or required to attend an Open Day. If the lecturer gives a negative advice about the suitability of the candidate, he or she can appeal to the NSG Training Committee and a second interview will follow.


All information provided by the student about his or her previous education, living and working situation, personal and professional past, or otherwise, will be treated with strict confidentiality by the training institute, its staff and teachers.


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