Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the lenght of the entire education?

The complete training to become a Gestalt therapist takes 4 years. This includes 10 training weekends per year, one weekend per month. Running from September to June. The Counselor Coach diploma is obtained at the end of the third year.

How many days/ hours per week?

There is a training weekend once a month. In addition, the students are given literature per training weekend. At the end of each training weekend, the students are expected to write a reflection report. More information about this will be provided in the first meeting.

What are the tuition fees?

The course fee is € 4,250 per year. This amount is valid for one year; for the subsequent year, this amount can be adjusted with a price indexation.

Can I stop after a year?

Yes students can stop after one year and re-enter where they left off at a later time (max 2 years)

What are the admission requirements?

The requirements to start the training as a Gestalt therapist is that the student has at least a BA or HBO diploma.

Are there trainings in English for International Students?

Yes, the NSG Academy is now offering the study in English.

Which courses are offered?

The Gestalt Therapist training consists of two parts. A methodical part of 2 years and a practical part of 2 years, in which the profession of Gestalt therapist is taught. The first year is mainly focused on personal development, the second year on how the Gestalt theory can be applied in your daily life and work. In the third year you will work with clients with the help of supervision. In the fourth year, you develop your own style and complete the program with a thesis on a theme that is close to your heart.

We work with group learning, which makes presence very important.

100% presence is required. You are allowed to miss one weekend, but still have to compensate for the missed hours , for example, by following additional training. In the event that a second weekend will be missed, consultation will take place with the training team.

Is it a problem if you miss a training weekend?

Is it already known on which day of the month the training day is?

When does the study start?

Study days are usually Saturdays and Sundays, in rare occasions it can also be a Friday.

Once a year in September.