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This year, which follows the Gestalt Coach/Counselor year, trains to become a Gestalt Therapist. Participants must have completed the basic training (or a recognized Gestalt Methodology Training Course).

To be admitted to module 4, all parts of modules 1 & 2 & 3 must have been completed with a pass. It is also a condition that students work with clients on a regular basis and bring this work in during weekends and in supervision.

During this training you have to start your own practice and, under the supervision of the NSG, you learn to work independently with clients.

After completing this 2-year Gestalt Therapy program, you can already become a member of the Dutch-Flemish Professional Association (NVAGT) as a Gestalt Professional - Coach Counsellor. 

Afterward, there is a 4th year for the so-called Accreditation trajectory. The purpose of this is for a Gestalt Therapist to become a certified member of the Dutch/Flemish and European Association for Gestalt Therapy (NVAGT / EAGT).

In this year, a theoretical study is written and the Gestalt way of working with people with complaints with a psychopathological background is explored.


For each student, an individual route is mapped out, including possible additional modules in psychopathology, medical and psychosocial basic knowledge. Depending on the many changes in reimbursement by health insurance companies, your clients may then receive a (partial) reimbursement by the insurance company.

For this Module 4 Year that leads to a Therapist Accreditation:

Total workload: 398 hours,
of which 10 months, 21 training days, 48 day parts, totalling 168 hours
Learning therapy experiences during trainings 50
Practice 100

Theory and methodology (including writing a thesis) 150
Individual (learning) therapy (optional) 10
Supervision 35
Independent work with clients 25
NVAGT hours 10

Sum 398

For detailed information on the Study program, Examination procedure, Entry requirements, you can download the FULL STUDY GUIDE here

Student Profile

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The training trains you to be a Gestalt coach-counsellor. It is intended for people in a work situation, which is in line with the principles of Gestalt therapy.


In order to increase the chances of successful completion of the training, we recommend that those who have not had psychopathology and neuroscience in their training undergo further training.

Study fees & Practical

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Trainings are held once a month during a Saturday and a Sunday. The start in September, and end in June. It is a total of 10 weekends. The Trainings of September, January and June, are residential, and are held in conference center.


-The group size is minimum 10, maximum 20 participants


The course fee is €4.672,50 per year. This amount is valid for one year; for the subsequent year, this amount can be adjusted with a price indexation of no more than 5%.


It is possible to pay in three installments. In that case,

€99 administration fee will be charged, as stated below.


  • payment of the 1st installment ad. €1.557,50– no later than October 15th

  • payment of the 2nd installment ad. €1.557,50– no later than January 15th

  •  payment of the 3rd installment of €1.557,50– no later than April 1st



If you register before June 30, you will receive a discount of €250 and pay

 € 4.422,50, the terms as explained above are then €1.474,17 per term, plus €50 admin costs.


* The prices have been adjusted to inflation, on April 4th 2023


Not included are:


- books.

- learning therapy.

-Travel expenses to and from the weekends

-Lunch during the weekends in non residential weekends

During the residential weekends, stay and meals are included in the tuition fee.

Upon registration, a registration fee of € 300 is charged, which will be deducted from the total tuition fee.

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