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Diversity & Inclusion (English) by Marten Bos (
Diversity & Inclusion (English) by Marten Bos (

Sun, 13 Feb



Diversity & Inclusion (English) by Marten Bos (

Diversity plays a role in every counseling relationship, regardless of the group or person involved. This can be very inspiring, but can also lead to mutual misunderstanding and conflict. Many theories and methods have been developed for dealing with diversity. Which ones really work in practice?

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Time & Location

13 Feb 2022, 10:00 – 17:00

Hilversum, 's-Gravelandseweg 65, 1217 EJ Hilversum, Netherlands


About the event

Marten is a self-employed (1999) coach, trainer, and supervisor and the initiator of 'Alle Kleuren Oost', an initiative that brings population groups together. Diversity is his specialization. He has worked in migrant and refugee organizations and is active in the (bi-cultural) LGBT community. He also worked in higher professional education and is now a supervisor, coach, and trainer. He worked in (youth/drugs) aid and for commercial companies and governments. Based on this broad experience, he has developed the Diversity Cards as a method to make bring the subject of diversity into awareness and to continue working with it in groups and individually.  Content and method: Diversity is a dynamic and multidimensional fact, a continuous interaction between people and the environment. Our identity is an accumulation, a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, beliefs, activities, etc. The methodology of the 'Diversity Cards' is an experiential working method, based on the Systemic work and the Gestalt theory, in order to make us more aware of the meaning of the broad diversity and of the inclusion/exclusion mechanisms that occur with it. The methodology can be applied to various target groups: young people, teachers, trainers, coaches, teams, etc., and also in individual guidance, coaching, and therapy. The method originated from more than 30 years of working in various environments and carried out with various professional groups, such as Youth workers, Policymakers, Police, LGBTI groups, Refugees, General practitioners, ROC students, Teachers, Therapists, Coaches.

Price for workshop

General: €175

For students: €150

The workshop is equivalent to 6 EAGT points

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